Pomegranate Noir Room Mist

Pomegranate Noir Room Mist

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This room mist is scented with Pomegranate Noir - Inspired by a Jo Malone fragrance -  Top notes of juicy red fruits, reminiscent of pomegranate, giving oil a lusciously refreshing quality. Floral blend heart notes that conjures the heady, spicy character of Casablanca lily. Base notes of temptingly smoky wood, it weaves through the fragrance, creating an aura of sensuality.

Our room mists are aerosol free and a free from parabens. We only use the finest quality UK scents that are carefully hand blended to freshen your home with only a few sprays.

Our room mists come in 100g spray bottles.

Spray onto items from at least 15 inches away or spray into your desired room for an instant amazing aroma.

Do not directly spray onto furnishings, your skin, open flames or other heat sources.