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Dippy Ambre

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These wax melts are scented with Dippy Ambre - Similar notes of rich, dark, amber fragrance with vanilla, tonka and hints of musk. These are enhanced by labdanum, frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli warmed by exotic spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin. Inspired by a candle fragrance.

Each melt can provide hours of fragrance and can be melted and re-melted until the fragrance has gone, remember to stir your wax first if you think the fragrance has gone as that often makes the fragrance stronger again!

Just cut off how ever much of the wax you would like to use, then pop it into your favourite wax burner and enjoy hours of lovely fragrance.

Customer Reviews

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John D Jackson
Dippy Amber.

It’s lovely. Like all I tried you have excelled yourself again. Cannot wait to try more. Can you get Lynx Africa at all? John wears this and I love it. Looking forward to trying baked bread. Many thanks Alex. Luv Allison. xx